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At the moment I am taking photos with my iphone 7. However, some of the photos on this website were taken with my previous iphone, an SE which was released way back in 2016. I only mention this to illustrate that it is not necessary to own the latest, most expensive iphone to take stunning photos, as both of the above mentioned phones are in the lower price range for iphones.

Just a few days ago I read an article relating to the release of new iphone models in September 2020. There was information about the specifications of the new models, at this stage referred to as iphone 12. However, there was a lot more information about the camera capabilities for these new iphones. It seems that with the increased popularity of posting photos on social media, it is the quality of  phone cameras which sways potential buyers towards one brand or another.

It’s funny how quickly things change. When I bought my first mobile phone some 12 years ago, I did not even consider taking photos with it. Years later I happened to talk to an apple engineer, and the first thing I asked him was which small iphone he would recommend for taking photos (it was the iphone SE). Even though I owned a Nikon DSLR at the time (and still do), in the back of my mind I was already contemplating the possibilities of taking photos with a mobile phone. 

Fast forward to 2020,  and for many people mobile phones have not only changed the way they take photos, but have also replaced laptop computers as the preferred way of going online, doing some googling and making online purchases.

I wonder what the next big “advance” in technology will be!

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