Beginner's Guides

Although maybe a little technical, these Beginner’s Guide videos are incredibly helpful if you want to apply manual controls on your iphone using the Camera+ app. If you have previously used SLR or DSLR cameras, you will be familiar with these important aspects of photography. The Beginner’s Guide  videos will teach you how to apply this knowledge to your iphone photography, which in turn helps you to take stunning photos with your iphone or other smartphone

You can work your way through these videos at your own pace, and if you have any questions at all, drop me a line either by email or by using the contact form – I’ll do my best to help. Please remember that you need to install the Camera+ app on your iphone to make sense of these five Beginner’s Guides videos.

I hope you are enjoying your visit to my website.

If you feel that I have been able to help you with your iphone / smartphone photography, please consider “buying” Morning Tea for me.You can do this by clicking the Buy Now button a little further down

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