What do you need to get started in iphone photography? Well, the short answer is: not much!


Iphone (smartphone) clamp with a ¼ inch thread to attach your phone to a gorillapod or to a tripod

Gorillapod / Mini Tripod

I use the gorillapod mainly as a grip to make it easier for me to hold the phone steady.

I also have a standard size tripod which I use when I am planning to take photos in low light or with slow shutter speed 

Remote Bluetooth Shutter release

the remote is used to avoid camera movement, which causes blurry pics. Of course it can also be used for taking “selfies” or group photos where the photographer wants to be in the photo

when planning to take photos very early in the morning, or late in the evening, I also carry a small LED torch with me

That’s it, as far as equipment is concerned


you’ll probably want to get a few apps to further enhance your photos. I downloaded quite a few, but actually only use a couple 

Apps for taking photos

Every iphone comes with the “Camera” app already installed, but there are no manual settings

“Camera+”  app  lets you use your iphone in “manual” mode instead of using “auto” mode. It can be downloaded from the apps store, but is no longer free – I think it’s around AU$5. This app is acknowledged to be one of the best, and comes with some photo editing functionality. This is actually the app which I use most of the time

Apps for photo editing

“Photos” app comes already installed on your iphone

“Snapseed” is one of the best photo editing apps you can get, and it has too many functions to mention here. – just check it out. I think it’s still free and is available in the apps store.

If you have photo editing software on your laptop, you can edit your photos there. It’s what I do, as I find it a lot easier (larger screen) and less fiddly. 

There are 100s of apps in the apps store for editing the photos you have taken, however, most editing apps only work on your phone and on newer model ipads, not on laptops.

To avoid running out of space on my iphone, I download my photos every day to my laptop.  This also means that my photos won’t be lost should I drop my phone or misplace it

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