Coronavirus – COVID-19

updated on 27 March

I am glad to hear that from 28 March onwards anyone arriving into Australia from other countries will be put into mandatory isolation for 14 days. Obviously too many people who were lucky enough to be able to get back to Australia, although agreeing to 14 days self isolation, had no intention of doing so. Thanks to these people other Australians are now possibly infected with COVID 19. Is that really how Australians feel about eachother? I thought there was supposed to be a great community spirit in this country. Unfortunately it appears that “she’ll be right mate” is a more prevalent attitude.
A couple of hours ago I went to the local shop. Standing at the check out, a bloke squeezed past, brushing against me – not done! Just keep your distance, don’t touch anyone or anything you don’t need to touch. Is that really so hard to understand? This is NOT A JOKE – STAY AWAY – read my lips – STAY AWAY FROM OTHERS!

Finally our PM has decided to close the borders, well about time too. And when is he going to make a decision on closing all schools and universities? In my opinion the sooner the better, it’s already a little late for that, but hopefully not too late.

Our Queensland Premier doesn’t seem to be too smart either. She reckoned since there were no recorded cases in Townsville it was safe to go to the new stadium and watch the Cowboys vs Broncos game – how about the thousands of fans who were not locals?

I have decided to practice some “social distancing”. That’s just as a precaution against catching the virus.

It means staying in touch with friends by phone, email or texting – not a problem

Normally I do my shopping at the local supermarket, but with so many people in shopping centres, I decided that for the time being I’ll be doing my grocery shopping online, and having it home delivered – easy.

I’ll still be doing my early morning walks, but usually there aren’t too many people around that early, so I feel safe to be outside at that time of the day.

I think the thing I’ll miss most is going to the library – I better start making a list of what books I would like to read. And I already miss going to Rusty’s getting my weekend treat – an almond croissant and a Vietnamese Iced Coffee

For regular updates you can check out the ABC by clicking here

Oh, and if you have a spare roll of toilet paper, please let me know – just joking!

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