Welcome to Iphone Photography Australia

Why a website about Iphone Photography?

This website is aimed at anyone who has recently started taking photos with their iphones. It is aimed at Iphone (smartphone) users who would like to be able to take beautiful photos which are going to stand out from the rest. Photos to be proud of when showing them to family and friends, and when posting on social media. In other words, this website is aimed at everyone who wants to take photos and not just snaps. 

I would also like to encourage the older generation (which I belong to) to get out there and take amazing photos. With an iphone (or other smartphone) in your hand you don’t weigh yourself down with heavy equipment, and walking around, taking photos, is an easy way to stay or get fit

Now a little bit about myself

My name is Sybille, and I live in the beautiful Cairns area of Tropical Far North Queensland, Australia

No longer young (some rude people might actually call me “old”), I am still as passionate about photography as I was when I started out so many years ago

Photography has been a part of my life for a long time, starting off in the days of viewfinder / range finder cameras and hand-held light-meters. Some years later enjoying the relative ease of using SLR cameras. Then came DSLR cameras, and I must admit, it took me quite a while to get comfortable with that “new” way of taking photos. If I remember correctly, it took me about a year to stop using the “auto” mode and get familiar with “manual” camera settings.
And so the journey continues to the latest chapter in photography – iphone (smartphone) cameras.

The statistics about how many photos are taken with iphones on a yearly basis, with many of these photos subsequently posted to facebook, instagram and other social media platforms, are absolutely staggering. It is estimated that 1 trillion photos were taken in 2018!

Although by no means an expert, I would be happy to pass on what knowledge I have. If you have questions about iphone photography or suggestions about this website, please don’t be shy – get in touch with me by sending the contact form, which you can get to by clicking this link

I hope to see you soon, out and about in Cairns, taking stunning photos with your iphones

Now get out there and “just do it”

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